Video / London

An exhibition of audio-visual installation and video works in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery until 15th December 2018; with additional work on display in the Project Space until the 16th November. Curated in association with the SOUND/IMAGE Colloquium (10th / 11th November). The works reflect a diversity of audiovisual practices and approaches from sculpture to installation and interactive works.

The works exhibited are as follows:

In the Stephen Lawrence Gallery: Christian Banasik I am; Julien Beau La perle noire ; Jane Cassidy They Upped Their Game After the Oranges; Sean Russell Hallowell Trompe l’Oreille; Louise Harris Alocas; Mhairi Vari and Pedro Pereira default mode network; Pavel Prokopic Affective Cinema.

In the Project Space:
Showreel 1
Linescape 1 Nicholas Carn; Digital Alchemy – Maura McDonnell and Cobi van Tonder; Fazes Brigid Burke; Wreck of Hope Leyokki
Showreel 2
Flux Andrew Hill; Origami M Del Carpio / Andy Sowerby; mother wound Lulu Honey Hayward; SONOLUMIN Diana Reichenbach
Showreel 3
Threshing in the Palace of Light Jean Piché; Xenofuturism: Welcome to the Antivoid Caleb Madden
Alessia Milo Aural Fabric: Greenwich; Sarah Sparkes and Ian Thompson The Synchronising Cue

Sound/Image (2018) Exhibition

Published by Julien Beau

French composer born in 1982, he works in the fields of acousmatic music and sound art. Very young musician, he studied piano with Laurence Gaiguant and later with Vovka Ashkenazy. After being a student in Musicology, in Linguistics and experimenting electronic music with his first computer, he decided in 2004 to enter Christian Eloy‘s electroacoustic composition class in Bordeaux. Graduated in 2008, he also explored sound and video with the support of SCRIME studio. In 2010, he moved to Paris and joined the first INA GRM Master class of "acousmatic music and sound art". During 2 years, he met many composers thanks to Daniel Teruggi and François Bonnet. Since this time, he collaborated with pluridisciplinary artists through projects, concerts, performances, installations, design or workshops. Raised with notes and structure, initiated in recording and sound research, his music ranges from classical and avant-garde, poetry and symbolism, still in the freest expression, entre "chien et loup". His music is published by Aposiopèse and Tsuku Bushi.