Installation / CAC Passages

Tsuku Boshi Records

Passages / nocturne
10 — 30 avril 2018
Centre d’art contemporain / Passages
9 rue Jeanne d’Arc, à Troyes

Passages / nocturne
exposition collective — avec Julien Beau et Mokuhen
10 — 30 avril 2018

Un des dessins de la série Paysages accidentés (2006 – 2009) ayant été le point de départ d’une création sonore de Julien Beau et Mokuhen sera présenté à l’occasion de l’évènement Passages / nocturne 2018.

Paysages accidentés, série
Chloé Poizat
Sans titre, 2006, pastel sec sur papier
L 95 x H 70 cm
Paysage accidenté #2
Julien Beau et Mokuhen
2016, musique électroacoustique, stéréo, 40 mn

Passages / nocturne
Uriel Barthélémy & Entissar Al Hamdany
Julien Beau & Laurent Guérel (label Tsuku Boshi)
Isabelle Bonté Hessed2
Félix Bressieux
Adrien Clergeot & Cyril Noël
Maxime Cordier
Manon Harrois
Chloé Poizat
David Renaud

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Published by Julien Beau

French composer born in 1982, he works in the fields of acousmatic music and sound art. Very young musician, he studied piano with Laurence Gaiguant and later with Vovka Ashkenazy. After being a student in Musicology, in Linguistics and experimenting electronic music with his first computer, he decided in 2004 to enter Christian Eloy‘s electroacoustic composition class in Bordeaux. Graduated in 2008, he also explored sound and video with the support of SCRIME studio. In 2010, he moved to Paris and joined the first INA GRM Master class of "acousmatic music and sound art". During 2 years, he met many composers thanks to Daniel Teruggi and François Bonnet. Since this time, he collaborated with pluridisciplinary artists through projects, concerts, performances, installations, design or workshops. Raised with notes and structure, initiated in recording and sound research, his music ranges from classical and avant-garde, poetry and symbolism, still in the freest expression, entre "chien et loup". His music is published by Aposiopèse and Tsuku Bushi.