To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the creation of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Julien Beau, composer of electroacoustic music, and myself, Georgette Kala-Lobé, dancer-choreographer, resolved to put together a performance freely inspired by « Le Sacre », as an homage to both Stravinsky and his interpreter, Vaslav Nijinsky. Myself, Georgette Kala-Lobé, French born in Africa, with that double culture of mine, I have tried to find the best wandering path to come close to Strawinsky’s work. While so doing, the mysterious line of Arthur Rimbaud came to my mind: « je suis un nègre/ I am a negro ». What did the dazzling poet of Charleville mean by those words which sound definitive? Probably that any creative act, any attempt at a new language hold a singular as well as a universal meaning. I accordingly set to robe this « Sacre » into a fantasy tunic made of the dead leaves and fibers familiar to those who dwell in the big forest; and to intersperse among Julien’s sounds the songs that speak to me, to which I feel I look much like. The memory of that magnificent Slavic music has inspired me, the music through which monks sing the birth, death and resurrection of Christ, and I have looked for a similar sense of spirituality on our African soil. There are the « griots » traditional songs, some of which very pure and devoid of any commercial touch. The pygmies’ polyphony has attracted me even more: when the small inhabitants of the forest sing to praise the spirits, a holy atmosphere emerges which sounds in many ways like the best polyphonies of the West. Hence the likely reason why the soul of « Rimbaud the negro » still wanders on our African soil, and keeps indeed to » I have stretched ropes from bell-tower to bell-tower; garlands from window to window; chains of gold from star to star, and I dance. ».