Création / Stravinsky Nègre


To celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the creation of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, Julien Beau, composer of electroacoustic music, and myself, Georgette Kala-Lobé, dancer-choreographer, resolved to put together a performance freely inspired by « Le Sacre », as an homage to both Stravinsky and his interpreter, Vaslav Nijinsky. Myself, Georgette Kala-Lobé, French born in Africa, with that double culture of mine, I have tried to find the best wandering path to come close to Strawinsky’s work. While so doing, the mysterious line of Arthur Rimbaud came to my mind: « je suis un nègre/ I am a negro ». What did the dazzling poet of Charleville mean by those words which sound definitive? Probably that any creative act, any attempt at a new language hold a singular as well as a universal meaning. I accordingly set to robe this « Sacre » into a fantasy tunic made of the dead leaves and fibers familiar to those who dwell in the big forest; and to intersperse among Julien’s sounds the songs that speak to me, to which I feel I look much like. The memory of that magnificent Slavic music has inspired me, the music through which monks sing the birth, death and resurrection of Christ, and I have looked for a similar sense of spirituality on our African soil. There are the « griots » traditional songs, some of which very pure and devoid of any commercial touch. The pygmies’ polyphony has attracted me even more: when the small inhabitants of the forest sing to praise the spirits, a holy atmosphere emerges which sounds in many ways like the best polyphonies of the West. Hence the likely reason why the soul of « Rimbaud the negro » still wanders on our African soil, and keeps indeed to » I have stretched ropes from bell-tower to bell-tower; garlands from window to window; chains of gold from star to star, and I dance. ».

Published by Julien Beau

French composer born in 1982, he works in the fields of acousmatic music and sound art. Very young musician, he studied piano with Laurence Gaiguant and later with Vovka Ashkenazy. After being a student in Musicology, in Linguistics and experimenting electronic music with his first computer, he decided in 2004 to enter Christian Eloy‘s electroacoustic composition class in Bordeaux. Graduated in 2008, he also explored sound and video with the support of SCRIME studio. In 2010, he moved to Paris and joined the first INA GRM Master class of "acousmatic music and sound art". During 2 years, he met many composers thanks to Daniel Teruggi and François Bonnet. Since this time, he collaborated with pluridisciplinary artists through projects, concerts, performances, installations, design or workshops. Raised with notes and structure, initiated in recording and sound research, his music ranges from classical and avant-garde, poetry and symbolism, still in the freest expression, entre "chien et loup". His music is published by Aposiopèse and Tsuku Bushi.